Events Catalogue – 2023

Confronting the Threat of the Far Right – April 3rd, 2023
Trump lost the 2020 presidential election, but the forces he represented and the ideas he furthered – the contemporary US right – have not gone away. These forces are continuing their efforts to push the US – both at in the electoral and the extra-parliamentary terrains – further towards their anti-democratic vision for the U.S.

We will hear from and ask questions of Bill Fletcher, John Huntington, and Nancy McLean. These three presenters have engaged with the US far right as analysts, organizers, or both.

The Path to An Accountable Party – January 27th, 2023
How do we defend democracy while fighting for transformative changes to our society? Do socialists need to ally with progressives or liberals to defeat Republicans, or should we antagonize establishment politicians to build a base? Is our goal to form a new party? DSA members have many different opinions about these questions, and in this debate hosted by the National Political Education Committee, four panelists will present unique paths forward based on their analysis of DSA’s electoral success and U.S. politics more broadly.