Events Catalogue – 2022

Socialists and Movements – October 25th, 2022
This panel will look at the role socialists can play in building the left, and how we relate to progressive movements. Guest speakers will address such questions as what movements should we prioritize, what forces are we willing to align with to win things like the Green New Deal and abortion rights, and how can we contribute to the defense of civil liberties.
Organizing Within Racial Capitalism – September 14th, 2022
Join DSA’s National Political Education Committee (NPEC) in collaboration with comrades in the Afrosocialists and Socialists of Color Caucus for part two of our race and class series: Organizing Within Racial Capitalism. Last session we learned about the concept of racial capitalism. This session, join our panel in discussion on what racial capitalism means for our work and how race and class impact people’s role in the struggle.
Q&A: What is Racial Capitalism? w/ Dr. Jasmine Noelle Yarish – July 13th, 2022
The National Political Education Committee (NPEC) and the Political Education WG worked in collaboration to have a virtual webinar on the topic of race and class titled, “What is Racial Capitalism?” with Dr. Jasmine Noelle Yarish.
Red and Green: A Revolutionary Green New Deal – April 28th, 2022
Join DSA’s National Political Education Committee for a virtual discussion with three climate activists as we explore approaches to winning Green New Deal policies and their revolutionary potential. This will include a relevant case study of the on-the-ground work currently building up a mass movement for a worker-owned green economy, as well as perspectives on successes and future strategies from DSA organizers fighting for a Green New Deal in the United States.
The Socialist Program: Lessons and Prospects – March 26th, 2022
Bhaskar Sunkara, Mike Macnair, Seth Ackerman and Renée Paradis discuss the prospects and lessons of the socialist program. With the recent drafting and adoption of DSA’s Political Platform, this event aims to encourage debate on our organization’s views on and strategic conceptions of the political platform/program. In accordance with the length and diversity of the history of the international worker’s movement, different perspectives of the nature and purpose of the political program have come about. Post-1991, what lessons, pros, cons and principles can and should we extract from this rich history of the political program and strategy? How should democratic socialists view a program?
State and Revolution(ary reforms) – March 16th, 2022
What is the state and how should socialists relate to it? Join us for the first event in our series “State and Revolution(ary reforms)”. In this session, we will talk about such questions as “what is the state?”, “what is a revolutionary reform?”, and about how capital puts pressure on the state through the threat of capital flight and investment strikes, and what we can do about it.

Speakers will be Ben Tarnoff, Meagan Day, Tarun Banerjee, and Kevin A. Young (authors of the book Levers of Power).
Introduction to Socialism and Capitalism – January 26th, 2022
What makes socialism a viable alternative to capitalism and what are the pathways to getting there?
How would you describe the critical problems with capitalism in just a few sentences?
This event from DSA’s National Political Education Committee features speakers Hadas Thier and Peter Frase, who will guide us through the basics of socialism and capitalism. Representing different socialist perspectives within DSA, you’ll learn how to discuss large ideas in simple ways with members and non-members alike.