Please browse the National Political Education Committee’s collection of lesson plans and reading materials from various chapters in Democratic Socialist of America. We are always looking to add to our repository to help chapters grow and develop their political education programs, if you would like to add something from your chapter or can’t find a subject you would like to use please let us know and will look to add it.

NPEC’s New Curriculum Website

DSA’s National Political Education Committee (NPEC) is happy to announce our new curriculum website!

Featuring lesson plans for running a Socialist Night School and three foundational modules (‘What is Capitalism?’, ‘What is Socialism?’, and ‘Why the Working Class?’), this is the first iteration of a continuously expanding resource for political educators developed and published by NPEC. Our committee plans on adding more modules as well as Spanish translations, so be sure to check out the website throughout 2023 for new content!

If you’re unsure how to best use our new website to get a Socialist Night School set up in your chapter, join our mentorship program by filling out this form.

DSA Political Education Old Curriculum Guide

View NPEC’s curriculum guide, filled with how-to information and lesson plans to help your chapter launch a Socialist Night School. 3 foundational modules included and facilitation guide within!

Class: The NPEC Podcast

Class is the official podcast of the National Political Education Committee of the Democratic Socialists of America. We believe working people should run both the economy and society democratically to meet human needs, not to make profits for a few. Class is a podcast where we ask socialists about why they are socialists, what socialism looks like, and how we, as the working class, can become the ruling class.

Modules from participating DSA chapters

Austin DSA 

Socialist Night School Readings, Lectures, Lesson Plans, etc

What is Democratic Socialism?

Chicago DSA

Bargaining for the Common Good

Commodification and Healthcare

Ecosocialism and the Green New Deal 

Elections, Electoralism, and Reform

Globalization and Neoliberalism 


Marx, Labor, and the Working Class

Socialism and Housing 

Socialism and Social Reproduction 

East Bay DSA

What is Democratic Socialism 

Olympia DSA  

Socialist Night School Course Outline 

Philly DSA 

Socialist Night School: Bernie

Socialist Night School: Capitalism

Socialist Night School: Democratic Socialism

Socialist Night School: Electoral Politics

Socialist Night School: Green New Deal

Socialist Night School: Healthcare & COVID-19

Socialist Night School: Labor

Socialist Night School: Nordic Social Democracy

Socialist Night School: Russian Revolution

Socialist Night School: What is Class

Seattle DSA

Political Education Outline 

Socialist Night School Modules