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Mission Statement

The purposes of political education are manifold. For socialists, our primary goals are to deepen our commitments to and capacities for effective organizing, to break free from capitalist society, and to transform the world. We do this by learning socialist history and its main conceptual frameworks, and debating our differences over them in our current time and conditions. Political education strengthens our organizing as we become adept at explaining why socialism is both relevant and necessary to the working class. We aim to support our comrades in that crucial task. 

DSA’s National Political Education Committee provides socialist educational materials for members across the country, and connects political educators in local chapters to share resources and experiences with each other. Our newsletter, Red Letter, intends to further this mission. Red Letter will feature items of interest to local political education leaders as well as rank-and-file members: recaps of and links to national educational calls, new lesson plans, editorials by NPEC members, and more.

Red Letter also encourages all DSA members in good standing to contribute. Submissions could include summaries of texts or other media your chapter has studied, with remarks; recordings, powerpoints, or outlines of local political education presentations, lectures or lessons; or short articles about the purpose of political education and how best to spread socialist ideas to the working-class and empower others with knowledge.


Do you have something to share about political education in your chapter or elsewhere? Reach out! Email us at [email protected] and put “Red Letter’ in the subject line. 

  • If you have something ready, feel free to attach it as a google doc or a .docx (no PDFs please). 
  • If you would like to pitch an idea, write 150-200 words in the body of the email or as an attached file. 
  • If you would like to confer or collaborate on a feature, we would be happy to! Just let us know. 
  • We welcome feedback – anything you’d like to see in Red Letter?

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Online PDF | Full-text PDF
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