About Us

What is the NPEC

The National Political Education Committee (pronounced N-Peck) was created to help chapters develop the lesson plans, curriculum, and the facilitation skills needed to implement a long-term political education program locally. Political education should be accessible by all chapters to develop members into socialist organizers who can effectively articulate our demands and explain the tenets of socialism that are needed to build and maintain a mass and diverse working-class movement.

How we came to be

The passing of Resolution #33, titled “Invest in Political Education” led the NPC to create the National Political Education Committee in October 2019. A search for initial members soon went out. The NPEC held its first meeting in early 2020 and since then has been implementing a 2-year plan to develop and improve political education in DSA.

Who we are

The NPEC is a 31 member committee appointed by the National Political Committee. The current members are:

  • Alexander Gallus (he/him, Santa Cruz)
  • Alexander Gorman (he/they, Pittsburgh)
  • Andy Paul (he/him, Asheville)
  • Apryl Hill (she/her, At-large)
  • Brandon Locke (he/him, Seattle)
  • Britte Rasmussen Marsh (she/her, Portland)
  • Coleman Lukas (he/him, Metro DC)
  • Daphna Thier (she/her, NYC)
  • David Kotz (he/him, Pioneer Valley and International Committee)
  • Emiliano Vera (they/them, Western Illinois)
  • Emmaline Bennett (she/her, YDSA NPEC)
  • Griffin Mahon (he/him, Charlottesville)
  • Guy Brown (he/him, Charlotte Metro)
  • J.J. Wett (he/him, Northern Illinois)
  • Jenbo (she/her, San Francisco NPC)
  • Josh Kuh (he/him, YDSA NPEC)
  • Kimberly Walls (she/her, Delaware)
  • Marian Jones (she/her, NYC)
  • Marianela D’Aprile (she/her, Chicago NPC)
  • Melanie Turner-Harper (she/her, At-large)
  • Michaela Brangan (she/her, Pioneer Valley)
  • Michelle Boley (she/her, LA)
  • Mina Shedd (she/her, Middle TN)
  • Riley Woodward-Pratt (he/him, Olympia)
  • Ronnie Almonte (he/him, NYC Labor, DSLC, AFROSOC)
  • Robert Moreno (he/him, Charlottesville)
  • Sanjiv Gupta (he/him, Pioneer Valley, AFROSOC)
  • Simon J. (they/them, BDS & Palestine Solidarity WG)
  • Terry Epperson (he/him, Portland)
  • William Barclay (he/him, Ventura)
  • William Johnson (he/him, Omaha)