About Us

What is the NPEC

The National Political Education Committee (pronounced N-Peck) was created to help chapters develop the lesson plans, curriculum, and the facilitation skills needed to implement a long-term political education program locally. Political education should be accessible by all chapters to develop members into socialist organizers who can effectively articulate our demands and explain the tenets of socialism that are needed to build and maintain a mass and diverse working-class movement.

What we do

NPEC’s work is divided into four principal areas of organizing: Speakers and Events, Chapter Support, Curriculum, and Communications. Speakers and Events maintains our Speakers Bureau and hosts virtual panels. Chapter Support offers regular trainings on organizing skills and program development in addition to direct mentorship. Curriculum develops out-of-the-box course modules on essential socialist topics. Communications spreads the word about our committee’s work and educates both the public and membership through email, social media, our newsletter, Red Letter, and our podcast, Class.

How we came to be

The passing of Resolution #33, titled “Invest in Political Education” led the NPC to create the National Political Education Committee in October 2019. A search for initial members soon went out. The NPEC held its first meeting in early 2020 and since then has been implementing annual plans to develop and improve political education in DSA.

Who we are

The NPEC is a 28 member committee appointed by the National Political Committee. The current members are:

  • Bill Barclay he/him Ventura County
  • Matthew Strupp he/him Madison Area
  • Carrington Morris she/her NYC Chapter Liaison
  • Jerry Harris he/him Chicago
  • David Kotz he/him River Valley (Western Massachusetts)
  • Molly Culhane she/her At-Large
  • Guy Brown he/him Charlotte Metro SC 
  • Evan Moravansky he/him Mid-Hudson Valley Chair, SC
  • Mie Inouye she/her Mid-Hudson Valley
  • Sally Hayati Los Angeles
  • Mark Schaeffer he/him Capital District (Albany NY)
  • Terry Epperson he/him Portland (Oregon)
  • Edward Henry he/him Boston 
  • Todd Blanchette he/him Maine 
  • Kevin Blair he/him Northwest Ohio 
  • Luke Pickrell he/him East Bay 
  • Caio Fernandes Barbosa he/him St. Louis 
  • Eric Hardman they/she Orlando 
  • Whitney Russell she/her Stanislaus 
  • Gray Maddrey he/him Charlotte Metro 
  • Emma Frye she/her Northeast Tennessee 
  • Yash Khaleque he/him North Texas 
  • Steven De Castro he/him NYC 
  • Sarah Callahan she/her Metro Cincinnati & N. KY SC
  • Madhulika Singh he/they Metro Cincinnati & N. KY 
  • Greg Z Fort Collins
  • Elton LK he/him Boise Class Podcast Producer
  • Brandon Locke he/him Seattle Curriculum Website Manager
  • Kristin Schall NPC liaison
  • Ahmed Husain NPC liaison
  • Megan Romer NPC liaison
  • Rose DuBois NPC liaison