National Political Education Events and Resources on Palestine for DSA Chapters

NPEC has been developing several political education resources and events on Palestine over the last few weeks, so we’re reaching out to chapters and their educators to let them know what’s ahead and how to get engaged.

We’d like to assist chapters as they plan their political education events on Palestine. To make it easier for everyone looking for resources, we have started a Google Drive to centralize DSA-created political education materials. If your national DSA committee or chapter has any educational materials on Palestine to share, please submit them to NPEC using this form.Note: the inclusion of any resource in this collection is not an NPEC endorsement of its contents. We encourage you to look through the folder and use whatever materials are useful to you at your discretion. The Google Drive with collected materials can be accessed here and will be continually updated.

We are also expanding the events calendar on our website! Chapters can now add their upcoming virtual and hybrid events to a national calendar so DSA members and non-members around the country have no shortage of political education to learn from. This is an excellent way for us to show the fantastic events that our chapters are putting on while also opening those events up to a broader audience, especially right now with the urgent need for education on Palestine. If you want to add your chapter’s political education events to our national calendar, please write to us at [email protected] or reply to this email for more info.