Contributing to NPEC Collective Research Project

DSA’s National Political Education Committee (NPEC) invites political educators and activists from DSA chapters, OCs and National Committees to participate in a collective research project on Political Education in Social, Labor & Political Movements.

To submit an entry:

Those interested in participating can reach out to NPEC at [email protected] for more information and to make sure the topic of interest is still available and makes sense for the project.

Entries should include your name, email address, and chapter/OC/national committee, and answer the below information in a presentation similar to example entries:

  • What social movement or political theories of education are you reporting on?
  • Briefly describe this movement or theory: Its objective, active dates, notable participants, and any notable efforts or achievements.
  • Briefly describe this movement’s or theory’s program or ideas for internal political education.
  • Briefly describe movement or theory’s program or ideas for external education program.
  • Please share 1-5 relevant links to documents, websites, or information that would be useful for those looking more deeply into this practice and theory.
  • Please share up to several graphics (photos, logos, promotional materials)
  • Please share any additional information here. 
  • Other – Please include any notes or queries to NPEC.
  • Submit entry to: [email protected].