DSA at Socialism Conference

Below are brief descriptions of the panels NPEC will be contributing to this September’s conference. Read about the many other panel themes being organized by Haymarket here, and register for the conference here by August 28. We hope to see you in September!

Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee: Reviving the American Labor Movement 

Founded at the beginning of the pandemic to support workers fighting for COVID protections, EWOC has built a powerful network of workers and volunteers to turn workplace discontent into worker power.

Rank and File Power: Socialists and Labor Resurgence

Socialists have been involved in many union fights over the last few years. To organize the unorganized and re-build the labor movement, we need to transform our unions into vehicles for class struggle.

The Crisis in American Politics: Socialists and Liberal Democracy

The Democrats are incapable of governing. The Republicans seek to undermine elections around the country. The Supreme Court strips millions of rights and the Senate prevents progress. How should socialists spearhead the fight for democracy and worker power?

Socialists in Defense of Abortion Rights

Bodily autonomy has been severely restricted by the overturning of Roe v. Wade. How can socialists organize to protect abortion rights where they exist, provide and expand access where they don’t, and win a permanent nationwide right to free and legal abortion?

A Movement for Our Class: Socialists and Multiracial Organizing Today

The Left and the labor movement must overcome the divisions in the working class. Hear about the centrality of cross-racial unity and specific fights where workers came together to win.

Building the Party: An Inside-Outside Strategy for Organizing Beyond Elections

Socialists don’t just run for office to pass bills – we also need to build a movement. Electoral organizers and candidates will talk about how to turn supporters into members who keep fighting after Election Day.

Solidarity with Brazil and Latin America’s Pink Tide

Later this year, Workers’ Party leader Lula da Silva will compete against the far-right president of Brazil Jair Bolsanoro. Leftist figures have won in Peru, Honduras, and Chile. What can we learn from their success?

The Longer Road to a Green New Deal

The climate crisis continues, but the prospects for transformative national legislation are grim. How do we reclaim public ownership and win clean public power at the state and city levels?

The Struggle for Housing for All

Rents and housing prices are skyrocketing. Cities continue to criminalize the unhoused. How can socialists organize for affordable and public housing?

How Do We Get a New Constitution?

The Left’s path to power is blocked by one of the oldest and least democratic founding documents in the world. Will it take a revolution to rewrite our Constitution? The recent Constituent Assembly in Chile may show a way forward.

40 Years of DSA: Founding and Future

The Democratic Socialists of America was founded in 1982, at a low tide in the U.S. socialist movement. Since 2016, it has become home to tens of thousands of new activists. Hear perspectives from longtime members on the merger that formed DSA and how the organization has changed since then.