Trash Incineration and Environmental Racism

Ecosocialists know that greenwashing is a deceptive form of marketing commonly used by corporations worldwide to convince the public that their practices are climate-friendly and not environmentally harmful.  Promoted by companies to turn a profit, waste-to-energy incineration has been sold as a viable solution to increased demand for landfill space; these companies also push the narrative that this waste disposal method offers a better alternative to landfilling, which emits greenhouse gases.  On closer inspection, however, trash incineration provides comparatively little power, releases more carbon into the atmosphere than landfills, and exposes the largely poor communities in which incinerators are located to heavy metals and dangerous particulate matter. Unfortunately, this has not stopped corporate interests from convincing regulators in some areas to label waste-to-energy as “renewable,” thereby rewarding these environmental villains with perks and incentives, further entrenching this unjust, environmentally harmful practice.

On June 22 at 8pm Eastern, Delco DSA, North New Jersey DSA, Philly DSA, Salem DSA, Twin Cities DSA, Pinellas County DSA, and Energy Justice Network will host a virtual political education event about trash incineration and environmental racism. Please join us as we debunk this greenwashing, explore the science behind trash incineration, hear from communities that are on the frontlines of this environmental justice issue, and discuss Socialist solutions.

The RSVP link below includes a list of incinerators – if you aren’t sure if there is one near you, check the drop down menu or email [email protected].

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