What is the State?


What is the state? Is it just the “executive committee of the ruling class,” as Marx wrote? Or is it a field of struggle that socialists should aim to control?

The National Political Education Committee is exploring these questions, and more, in a new series of “The State and Revolution(ary Reforms).” Join for the first installment on Wednesday, March 16th at 8:30 pm ET.


Our first event’s panel is comprised of four excellent speakers who will help us deepen our understanding of the state. First, Ben Tarnoff will talk about what the state is, how socialists should engage with it, and in what ways our current state needs to be transformed in order to use it as tool for advancing socialism. Then, we will have Meagan Day introduce the concept of revolutionary reforms. What gains could socialist fights for right here and now, that may open up the way for a transition to socialism later on? We will also be joined by Tarun Banerjee and Kevin A. Young, authors of the book Levers of Power. They will discuss how capital, through the threat of capital flight and investment strikes, holds great power over the state, and to win any major reforms, socialists need to focus on hurting capital accumulation directly. We will then have a guided discussion about what all of this means when it comes to socialist organizing today.