ICYMI: an events roundup

by Coleman L, NPEC

NPEC held three “Convention Talks” leading up to this year’s convention. You can check them out here in case you weren’t able to make it. if your chapter has been engaging in any post-convention discussion around strategy and implementation, these might come in handy! 

Socialism and Electoral Politics

This call features members of the National Electoral Committee who present on DSA’s electoral successes and challenges in the last few years, as well as our official electoral strategy. Multiple resolutions about electoral politics were submitted to be debated at this summer’s convention. This call provides an overview of DSA’s electoral work, why elections matter, and how to use them.

DSA’s Labor Strategy: Organizing Worker Power for a Socialist Future

A deep dive into our labor strategy, focused on strategic, multiracial workplace organizing and rebuilding the labor movement in every red, blue, and purple corner of the country. We’ll be talking with labor militants and union organizers on the importance of building rank-and-file power among Black and Latino workers and in the South, fostering solidarity across industries, and strengthening democratic unions that can fight—and win.

How can we make DSA anti-racist and multiracial?

A conversation connecting issues faced by people of color during DSA’s origins and today, between the authors of “A people of color’s history of DSA” (2019), Alyssa de la Rosa and David Roddy of Sacramento DSA, and authors of two convention resolutions, #27 (Beyond 100K) and #31 (Making DSA a Multiracial and Anti-racist Organization). De La Rosa and Roddy conducted archival research and talked with founders of the people of color caucuses in the original DSA/NAM. They presented a short summary of their findings, followed by a moderated conversation with authors of resolutions #27 and #31. 

There’s more where that came from! Check out NPEC’s previous national events: