NPEC’s 1st year of events in review

Throughout 2020 the National Political Education Committee hosted a broad range of political education events covering the politics of COVID, capitalism, working class and socialist organization, police brutality, Indigenous struggle and more. We held discussions with members of the National Political Committee, the Democratic Socialist Labor Commission, the Afrosocialist Caucus, worked in collaboration with the International Committee, the Ecosocialist Working Group and Green New Deal Campaign. We’ve heard from members and veteran socialists alike about their analysis of the political moment we are in, and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. 

We look forward to hosting many more events in 2021 and in the lead up to our convention this summer. We hope people engage in these discussions so that together we can develop a deep political culture of shared understanding, comradely debate, and a vision that allows us to agitate, organize, and build a thriving socialist movement.

Check out recordings of our previous events here below, and join us for our next event DSA, BDS, and Palestine Solidarity coming up February 6, 2021.

Covid-19 and the Working Class w/ Gregg Gonsalves & Marty Bennett

From Austerity to Pandemic w/ Vijay Prashad

When We Take Power w/ Leo Panitch & Sam Gindin

Building a Left that Can Fight and Win

The End of Policing w/ Alex Vitale

COVID-19: A Man-Made Crisis


Election 2020: What Should Socialists Be Doing?


Indigenous Resistance in a World On Fire w/ Nick Estes and more


If you are interested in putting on political education events in your chapter or organizing committee please check out our curriculum guide with 3 foundational sessions and many other helpful tips!